BANG history

BANG was established in 1997 by Fleet Street showbiz columnist Rick Sky, who was entertainment editor on The Sun, Daily Mirror and Daily Star to provide the UK and world media with entertainment stories.

In the last decade BANG Showbiz has established an outstanding image within the entertainment news industry – Our standing clients trust in our service, exclusiveness and in our fair conditions.

BANG service

  • BANG is one of the leading suppliers of entertainment news in online, print and broadcast media, that will will keep your audience captivated
  • Our feeds are available in various languages, including German, English, Japanese and Portuguese
  • BANG supplies you with up to 30 entertainment articles from Monday to Friday, and with up to 10 articles at the weekends
  • Breaking news are delivered immediately
  • BANG provides two news videos per day (1-2 minutes) with any voice-over you may require
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BANG arrangements

  • Email service: we deliver your individual news package including a high definition picture per story in text form via email
  • Newsroom-login: You gain access to our newsroom with a personal login where you can extract and download the relevant articles for your business
  • XML-newsfeed: All entertaining stories and videos are published on your homepage or website directly via news-feed. You choose the design suiting your corporate identity


BANG clients – “If BANG isn’t running a story, it s not worth knowing it!”


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